TB Profiler
This tool processes raw sequence data to infer strain type and identify known drug resistance markers.
A stand alone version of this tool is now available and can now be run on linux or mac. Installation instructions can be found on GitHub and on the bioconda page.

This tool is for Research Use Only. It has not been approved, cleared, or licensed by any regulatory authority. By submitting sequence data the user acknowledges no intended medical purpose or objective such as clinical diagnosis, patient management, or human clinical trials.
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Please select one (single end) or two (paired end) gzipped FASTQ files to upload and process, each file must be under 1GB in size. If you choose to add a name for this analysis then do it carefully as it will be made public.
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Example data
SampleFASTQ Data from the EBIProfile
Malawi/Lineage 1ERR190365Profile
Malawi/Lineage 4-Stype/Pan-SusceptibleERR212132Profile
China/Lineage 2-Beijing/XDRSRR671726Profile
Tibet/Lineage 4-T/XDRSRR671740Profile
Further Information
This tool, with application to a large, published dataset, is described in detail in the journal article:
Rapid determination of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance from whole genome sequences
F. Coll et al.
Genome Medicine (in press)
Please cite us if you use our tool.
Processing time is under 10 minutes per sample plus queuing time; for example ˜2:30 minutes for a 500Mb file.

This tool is for Research Use Only and is offered free for use. The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shall have no liability for any loss or damages of any kind, however sustained relating to the use of this tool.
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