Upload your next generation sequencing data in fastQ format. Files will be processed using the tb-profiler pipeline with default parameters. You may select the technology used to generate the data (Illumina or Oxford Nanopore). Samples will be process with a first in first out policy so please be patient as there may be runs waiting to be processed before yours.
Please note: at the moment we can only accomodate uploads of under 1GB. If you have files which are larger or you require many isolates to be processed and have access to a linux or osX operating system then it might be worthwhile to run the commandline version of tb-profiler. For more information on this please visit the github repository.
Single sample

You can upload one or two (forward and reverse) fastq files. When you upload your data, the run will be be assigned a unique ID. Please take a note of this ID as you will need to to find your results later.

Batch upload

You can upload multiple samples together to batch process them. At the moment batch uploading only supports paried end reads. By default, files must use _1.fastq.gz and _2.fastq.gz as the file suffix in order for them to be paired correctly. The suffix can be changed in the advanced options.

File suffix
Read suffix. Use this option to change the default suffix of files. For example if your fastq file is named sample1_R1.fastq.gz then your suffix should be _R1.fastq.gz