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Mutations must follow the HGVS nomenclature. More info?
Mutations must follow the HGVS nomenclature. Information on this format can be found here.
The following types of mutations are currently allowed:
  • Amino acid substitutions: Example: S450L in rpoB would be p.Ser450Leu
  • Deletions in genes: Example: Deletion of nucleotide 758 in tlyA would be c.758del
  • Insertion in genes: Example: Insertion of GT between nucleotide 1850 and 1851 in katG would be c.1850_1851insGT
  • SNPs in non-coding RNAs: Example: A to G at position 1401 in rrs would be r.1401a>g
  • SNPs in gene promoters: Example: A to G 7 bases 5' of the start codon in pncA c.-7A>G
Important! The mutations and resulting library files are in reference to the H37Rv (NC_000962.3/AL123456.3) reference genome.