Rv0667 - p.Asp435Tyr

Drug resistance types
0 Sensitive 116 RR-TB 0 HR-TB 265 MDR-TB 121 Pre-XDR-TB 8 XDR-TB 0 Other
lineage Counts
lineage Count
lineage3 146
lineage4.8 15
lineage4.1.3 4
lineage1.2.1.1 4
lineage4.6.1.2 6
lineage3.1.2 6
lineage2.2.2 24
lineage1.1.2 3
lineage2.2.1 89
lineage4.1.2.1 31
lineage4.1.1.3 18
lineage4.7 15
lineage2.2.1.1 13
lineage4 13
lineage4.3.2.1 4
lineage5.1.2 1
lineage4.1.2 5
lineage3.1.2.1 8
lineage4.2.1 19
lineage4. 7
lineage4.4.2 1
lineage4.1.1.2 1
lineage4.3.3 16
lineage4.1.1.1 5
lineage4.7;lineage4.6.1.2 1
lineage4.2.2.2 5
lineage4;lineage3 1
lineage4.9 1
lineage4.1.1.3;lineage1.1.2 1
lineage4.4.1.1 4
lineage1. 2
lineage1.1.3.1 2
lineage1.2.2.2 4
lineage5.2 2
lineage5.1.1 2
lineage4.1.1 1
lineage1.1.1 1
lineage4.3.3;lineage2.2.1 1
lineage3;lineage1.2.2.2 1
lineage5.1.2;lineage4.1.1.3 1
lineage4.3.2 1
lineage2.2 6
lineage4.3.3;lineage4.1.2.1 1
lineage4.3 2
lineage4.6.2.2 1
lineage5.1 1
lineage4.2 1
lineage4.2.2 1
lineage2.2.1.2 1
lineage4.3.4.2 3
lineage4.1 1
lineage1.2.1.2 1
lineage4.7;lineage4.6.1.1 1
lineage3.1.3 1
lineage4.8;lineage2.2.1.1 1
spoligotype Counts
spoligotype Count
None 510
Geographic prevalence
Country level data for this variant is available for 404 isolates.
Statisctical support
Not enough data to calculate support.
ID Drug resistance Lineage Country iso2
ERR4829974 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4831473 MDR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR1034615 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR552432 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 cg
ERR3275432 MDR-TB lineage1.2.1.1 nl
ERR1034887 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 pt
SRR4035553 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510581 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR2510637 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2 pk
ERR1034605 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR8975768 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SAMN02599173 MDR-TB lineage1.1.2 in
ERR1023353 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4808970 RR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SRR4035495 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR8976092 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SAMN02419637 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 by
SRR4035537 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4036013 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR1034599 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR5709864 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR4797436 MDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR4036011 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035513 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4822376 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 kg
SRR5341382 MDR-TB lineage1.1.2 in
ERR4813444 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 pe
ERR2517031 MDR-TB lineage1.2.1.1 gb
SAMN02403511 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR4808905 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR4831482 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4828785 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6359036 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR4832054 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 None
SRR4035541 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2515156 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SRR2024955 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR234215 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5709994 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR1034655 MDR-TB lineage4 bg
ERR4830497 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4831465 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.8 None
SAMN02360553 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 kr
ERR1035039 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 za
ERR3170471 MDR-TB lineage5.1.2 gh
SRR6257085 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR2707041 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2 cd
ERR4808894 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR2510505 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR229961 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
SRR671759 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR2516548 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR4829865 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.8 None
SRR4035514 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR2517012 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 gb
SRR4036012 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02414857 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 se
SRR1166134 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 ro
ERR718541 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR4809313 MDR-TB lineage4. za
SRR4035556 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510418 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR4035529 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4814816 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR4798283 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2 in
SAMN02584658 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 md
SRR6280174 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR133935 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
SRR8651660 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.2 cn
SRR4035494 RR-TB lineage3 None
SAMN02403510 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR7911538 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.2 za
SAMN02585980 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SRR4036020 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4813467 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
ERR4831480 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
SAMN02585971 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.1 za
ERR1035260 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 br
ERR8975644 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR2514559 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 gb
ERR5918046 XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR6358952 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SAMEA2534798 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 uz
ERR8975846 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
ERR8975770 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 None
ERR2446579 MDR-TB lineage1.2.1.1 nl
ERR4797937 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4797338 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 in
ERR6359001 MDR-TB lineage4.7;lineage4.6.1.2 None
ERR2510559 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4809359 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR8380890 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR4035540 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR2516757 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 gb
SRR4036009 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4829940 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4;lineage3 pk
SRR4036010 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2515931 MDR-TB lineage4.9 za
ERR133867 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR2516255 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 be
ERR4799249 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR2184624 RR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR2100184 RR-TB lineage4.1.1.3;lineage1.1.2 None
ERR4829864 RR-TB lineage4.8 it
SRR4035545 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02586088 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR4830521 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR5917971 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR4822317 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
ERR229997 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR464730 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 ch
SAMN02403447 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR2516867 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR8976117 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR4035509 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR3287555 MDR-TB lineage4 None
ERR2516700 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 nl
ERR4809109 RR-TB lineage4. za
ERR2517060 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2 gb
SRR5709964 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR3287360 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR2515683 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4809255 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
SRR6824348 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR4035505 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510552 MDR-TB lineage4.8 pk
SAMN02419607 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 by
ERR4831506 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4798404 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
SRR4035542 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4831471 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.8 pk
ERR2516675 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 pe
SRR4035496 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02585968 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.1 za
ERR4811769 MDR-TB lineage1. pe
SRR4035551 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4819673 MDR-TB lineage1. gb
SRR8237366 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 us
SRR4035548 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02586024 MDR-TB lineage4. za
ERR3275694 RR-TB lineage1.1.3.1 nl
SRR4036016 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR2100228 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR8686169 RR-TB lineage3 None
SRR1166316 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 ro
SAMN02350465 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR552934 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cg
ERR3287597 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
SRR4036028 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4036008 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4799804 MDR-TB lineage1.2.2.2 in
ERR752199 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR4809283 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR3287826 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 pe
ERR4830528 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4800303 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 in
ERR6359110 MDR-TB lineage4. None
ERR2677430 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
SRR671847 RR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR2707138 MDR-TB lineage5.2 cd
ERR2706960 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 cd
SRR4035538 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR3287791 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR1035104 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 vn
ERR6359119 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SAMN02585979 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SRR4035533 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR2510587 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR1723807 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR4808955 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR7911065 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 md
ERR4800588 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
ERR8665924 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR7911374 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
ERR6359060 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR4799876 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
ERR4809001 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR4830602 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 tm
ERR4810865 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR1166108 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 ro
ERR2510479 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR4036006 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2516744 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
SRR4035527 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR8975976 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SAMN02586095 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02586089 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR1034597 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 pk
ERR4796583 MDR-TB lineage1.2.2.2 in
ERR4822601 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
ERR8975513 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4831654 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 vn
ERR2510400 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 pk
SAMN02350477 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 za
SRR1723476 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR4035508 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4831808 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 vn
ERR6358966 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SRR5709961 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR4798914 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 in
ERR3148205 RR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 mx
ERR751313 MDR-TB lineage5.1.1 gh
SRR1166332 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 ro
ERR2516414 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
SRR4035516 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR3287795 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1 pe
SRR4035550 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4036024 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR552431 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 cg
SRR4035525 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2516472 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR5917732 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 by
ERR2517088 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 gb
ERR552420 MDR-TB lineage1.2.2.2 sz
ERR2707215 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2 cd
ERR7911206 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.3.3 za
ERR4799668 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4829990 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR464729 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 ch
ERR8665948 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR5552377 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 pg
ERR4809071 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
SRR4036019 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR5709755 XDR-TB lineage1.1.1 th
ERR502954 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR4036015 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2514451 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 gb
ERR108422 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3;lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR1215474 MDR-TB lineage5.1.1 gh
SRR6824593 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SAMN02360576 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 kr
ERR4831439 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR4035552 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035503 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510493 MDR-TB lineage4.8 pk
ERR2446523 RR-TB lineage1.1.3.1 nl
SRR7585418 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR2516879 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 gb
ERR4798336 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3;lineage1.2.2.2 in
ERR4811000 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR502936 RR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2517125 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 gb
ERR4798912 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 in
ERR2516988 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2 gb
ERR8976055 RR-TB lineage4. None
ERR4797504 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
ERR8665898 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4809301 RR-TB lineage4.1.2 za
ERR4799908 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4797829 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
SAMN02403496 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR4810945 RR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR4036023 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4809273 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR4829749 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 it
ERR4831487 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4813898 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR2513498 Pre-XDR-TB lineage5.1.2;lineage4.1.1.3 gb
SAMEA2534316 RR-TB lineage4.2.1 uz
ERR2516541 XDR-TB lineage4 pe
SRR4035558 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR8975780 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR4035493 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR6358978 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR4810462 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR3335725 RR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4798022 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 in
ERR7911430 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.3.3 za
ERR2516488 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 pe
ERR8975791 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
ERR4822074 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
SRR5709850 RR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 th
ERR4830516 RR-TB lineage3 None
SRR8791324 MDR-TB None
ERR2516403 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 nl
SRR4035528 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4831478 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4798166 MDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR6358968 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR4800552 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 in
ERR4830650 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 tm
ERR4814849 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR1034582 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR16088230 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
ERR3335762 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR10868477 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
ERR7911128 MDR-TB lineage4.8 None
SRR15014639 MDR-TB lineage1.1.2 None
ERR10877868 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
ERR10877897 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
ERR7975670 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3;lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR9119925 RR-TB lineage1.2.2.2 None
SRR20969842 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2 None
SRR20139564 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
SRR22536479 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 None
ERR2517497 MDR-TB lineage4.8 nl
SRR23310866 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR23310948 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR23310939 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4820269 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
SRR4035530 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4808898 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SAMN02360569 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 kr
ERR4799451 MDR-TB lineage4.3 in
ERR117466 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 ru
ERR2517067 MDR-TB lineage3 gb
ERR2517632 MDR-TB lineage4.8 nl
ERR2510573 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR1873505 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
SAMN02584596 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 md
ERR4797343 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
ERR4822290 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR4036014 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4798385 MDR-TB lineage4.3 in
SRR4035522 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2516829 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR4829979 MDR-TB lineage4.6.2.2 None
ERR550693 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 cg
ERR229947 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
SRR4035502 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR2100294 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR551620 MDR-TB lineage5.1 None
ERR2707206 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 cd
ERR3287855 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
SRR4035557 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR2510373 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 pk
SRR4036017 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR6359071 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR550694 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 cg
SRR4035500 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR5917703 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 by
ERR6359121 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR2516725 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 nl
ERR4797844 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2 in
ERR4813400 RR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
SRR4036027 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4828781 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2515615 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
ERR8975592 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 None
ERR4831477 MDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR4035507 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2516474 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 nl
ERR1193875 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 sl
SRR4036026 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR6359079 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR1034594 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR1199127 MDR-TB lineage4.6.1.2 cd
ERR2516546 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 pe
SRR1723828 RR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR5485593 MDR-TB None
ERR2516996 MDR-TB lineage3 gb
SRR4035555 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4036022 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4798224 MDR-TB lineage3 in
SAMEA2534521 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4797020 MDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR4035539 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR6358859 MDR-TB lineage4. None
ERR4811962 RR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 pe
ERR751586 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
ERR4800353 XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR4799245 XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
SAMN02053762 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.1 None
ERR4810850 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR4810833 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2 cn
ERR4822354 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2 None
ERR4797902 XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR2510500 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR4036025 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR6358910 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SAMN02585974 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.1 za
ERR4831436 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4809287 RR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 za
ERR751447 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR4832020 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 vn
ERR5918126 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR4817254 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR2510415 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4796777 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.2 in
ERR1034616 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR6359134 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SRR4035491 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510499 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR1035317 RR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 br
ERR2510531 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR2446347 MDR-TB lineage4.8 nl
ERR2516956 MDR-TB lineage3 gb
SRR4035526 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035520 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02414900 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 se
ERR8975719 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 None
ERR4822326 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
ERR4799211 MDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR4035535 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02403489 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR4808893 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
SRR4035531 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2517440 MDR-TB lineage1.2.1.1 nl
SRR4035547 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4831049 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 np
ERR2516440 RR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 pe
SAMN02414862 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 se
ERR4809122 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SAMN02403635 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR2510286 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR4035517 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR671752 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR2512821 MDR-TB lineage3 gb
SRR1166319 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 ro
ERR1555054 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 None
ERR4819911 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
SRR4035518 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4808875 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
SAMN02403497 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
SRR4035506 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR2024961 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR4831005 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 np
SRR4035515 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2706978 MDR-TB lineage5.2 cd
ERR4830530 RR-TB lineage3 za
SAMN02419677 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 by
ERR2513791 RR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 gb
SRR4035519 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035490 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2510504 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4800268 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 in
ERR038747 MDR-TB lineage4.8 ug
SRR4035523 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4813946 RR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 br
ERR2516344 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 be
SAMN02403446 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 za
ERR2516780 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR4809117 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 za
ERR2512493 RR-TB lineage4.1 gb
ERR1035258 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 br
ERR6358970 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SRR4035497 RR-TB lineage3 None
ERR1034587 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR3287846 XDR-TB lineage4 pe
ERR4799160 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
SRR4035492 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4799380 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR2516837 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 gb
ERR4829866 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.8 it
SRR4035501 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR8975979 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 None
ERR228025 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 ru
SAMEA3715554 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 al
SRR4035489 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR5526143 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 None
ERR4808880 MDR-TB lineage4. za
ERR7911229 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 md
ERR3275298 MDR-TB lineage4.8 nl
ERR2515872 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 za
SRR5485553 MDR-TB None
ERR2707111 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2 cd
ERR3287719 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 pe
ERR3275562 MDR-TB lineage4.8 nl
ERR3256241 MDR-TB lineage1.2.1.2 ph
SRR4035536 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4830611 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 tm
SRR4035498 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4036021 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4796260 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 in
ERR2510419 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 pk
SAMN02585958 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR2510582 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR6359135 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
ERR8976013 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 None
ERR2677413 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 de
SRR4035524 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035546 RR-TB lineage3 za
SRR4035534 RR-TB lineage3 None
SAMN02053752 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR1555043 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 None
ERR4813085 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2 pe
ERR4811323 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SAMN02586047 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR4800437 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR4798370 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2 in
ERR4797200 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 in
ERR8975755 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
ERR2516538 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 pe
SAMN02350487 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.1.1 za
ERR2513488 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 gb
ERR1034843 MDR-TB lineage4.7 pt
ERR6359138 MDR-TB lineage4.7;lineage4.6.1.1 None
SRR4035544 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR2512626 RR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 gb
ERR8975467 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2510249 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.3 pk
SRR4035504 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR117462 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR3287721 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
SRR4035511 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4800371 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR4800424 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 in
SAMN02414978 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 se
ERR4796862 MDR-TB lineage3.1.2.1 in
SRR1166086 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 ro
SRR8380875 MDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4800548 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR1166239 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 ro
ERR502955 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR779883 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
SAMN02586012 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
SRR5709992 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
SRR4035512 RR-TB lineage3 za
ERR4800290 XDR-TB lineage4.8;lineage2.2.1.1 in
ERR8975805 MDR-TB lineage4.1.1.3 None