Rv1173 - p.Gly641Val

Drug resistance types
8 Sensitive 0 RR-TB 1 HR-TB 4 MDR-TB 1 Pre-XDR-TB 0 XDR-TB 1 Other
lineage Counts
lineage Count
lineage2.2.1 3
lineage4. 1
lineage4.1.2.1 1
lineage1.1.2 1
lineage3 2
lineage4. 1
lineage4.8 1
lineage4.1.2 1
lineage4.9 1
lineage4.3.3 1
lineage1.2.2.2 1
lineage4.8.1 1
spoligotype Counts
spoligotype Count
None 15
Geographic prevalence
Country level data for this variant is available for 11 isolates.
Statisctical support
Not enough data to calculate support.
ID Drug resistance Lineage Country iso2
ERR2515458 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 za
ERR4815384 Sensitive lineage4. gb
SRR3732572 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4816713 Other lineage1.1.2 gb
ERR2510502 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR1169262 MDR-TB lineage4. None
ERR4815415 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 gb
ERR2229547 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2515370 Sensitive lineage4.1.2 za
ERR4820812 Sensitive lineage4.9 None
ERR4820811 Sensitive lineage3 gb
ERR2516391 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.3.3 be
ERR2517410 HR-TB lineage1.2.2.2 nl
ERR2516043 MDR-TB lineage4.8.1 za
ERR4821758 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 gb