Rv1918c - c.1569G>C

Drug resistance types
324 Sensitive 5 RR-TB 32 HR-TB 66 MDR-TB 43 Pre-XDR-TB 2 XDR-TB 29 Other
lineage Counts
lineage Count
lineage4.4.1.1 38
lineage4.9.1 2
lineage4.3.3 36
lineage3 40
lineage4.1.2.1 39
lineage4.7 13
lineage4.9 7
lineage2.2.1 102
lineage4.8 101
lineage4.5 9
lineage3.1.3 1
lineage1.1.3.1 4
lineage6 5
lineage4.3.2 8
La1.7 1
lineage4.2.2.2 13
lineage3.1.2.1 3
lineage4.1 1
lineage4.1.4 1
lineage1.1.3 3
La1.7.X-unk4 3
lineage4. 7
lineage4.3.4.2 2
lineage4.6.1.2 2
La1.7.1 1
lineage1.2.2.1 2
lineage3.1 1
lineage1.2.2.2 3
lineage4.1.2 8
lineage4.1.1.3 1
lineage1.1.1.1 3
lineage3.1.1 1
lineage4.6.2.2 1
lineage2.2.2 13
lineage4.6.4 1
lineage1. 1
lineage1.2.1 1
lineage1 1
lineage2.2 1
lineage4.3.4.1 2
lineage4.4.2 5
lineage2.2.1.1 2
lineage2.1 1
lineage3.1.2 1
lineage2.2.2;lineage2.2.1 1
lineage4 2
lineage4.2.1.1 1
lineage4.1.1.1 1
lineage4.3.4.2;lineage4.3.3 1
lineage4. 1
La1.4 2
spoligotype Counts
spoligotype Count
None 501
Geographic prevalence
Country level data for this variant is available for 57 isolates.
Statisctical support
Not enough data to calculate support.
ID Drug resistance Lineage Country iso2
SRR6789616 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR6789618 Sensitive lineage4.9.1 None
ERR11466001 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR6789636 Sensitive lineage4.9.1 None
SRR6807727 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11465709 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11466004 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11465644 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4815806 Sensitive lineage3 gb
ERR4813275 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 pe
ERR294253 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR7131093 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR4816031 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 gb
ERR2184416 Sensitive lineage4.9 pe
SRR8217888 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR924716 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11464979 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11464978 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR7131206 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
SRR7131247 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR7131280 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR7131286 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
SRR7453040 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR7453052 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR7453039 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR974844 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11466515 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11466470 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR974845 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR974846 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
DRR473951 Sensitive lineage4.5 None
SRR8552933 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR11067500 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR023742 Sensitive lineage3.1.3 None
ERR10465866 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11466187 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11464951 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11466477 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR072086 Sensitive lineage1.1.3.1 None
ERR11466516 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR10465822 Sensitive lineage6 None
ERR10680080 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR10969261 Other lineage6 None
ERR11044120 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR11043543 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR11043866 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR11043909 Other La1.7 None
ERR11044121 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR11044900 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11044164 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR11049126 Sensitive lineage3.1.2.1 None
ERR11044216 Other lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11044364 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR11044383 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR11044513 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR11044515 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11044870 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR114449 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11049143 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11465567 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR330729 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR3273094 MDR-TB lineage4.1 None
ERR3287593 HR-TB lineage4.1.4 None
ERR123930 HR-TB lineage1.1.3 None
ERR4821997 Sensitive lineage3 gb
ERR11049404 Other La1.7.X-unk4 None
ERR3994109 HR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR3470585 Sensitive lineage4.9 None
ERR3800998 Sensitive lineage6 None
ERR3470593 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR3509868 MDR-TB lineage4. None
ERR4024608 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR400344 HR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 None
ERR4178267 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4024627 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR4024661 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4024684 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR405223 Sensitive lineage4.6.1.2 None
ERR4195789 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR4276882 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR4451194 Other La1.7.1 None
ERR4276883 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR4596923 MDR-TB lineage1.2.2.1 None
ERR4596928 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR4596916 RR-TB lineage3.1 None
ERR4596927 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR8665906 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2514586 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 gb
ERR8975347 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR4799787 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4800107 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR8665907 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4800631 Sensitive lineage1.2.2.2 None
ERR8665974 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665988 XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8975024 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2 None
ERR8665993 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4813938 Sensitive lineage4.8 br
ERR4813944 Sensitive lineage4.8 br
ERR8975058 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR5908249 Sensitive lineage4.9 None
ERR4812259 Sensitive lineage4.1.2 None
ERR11049882 Sensitive lineage4.1.1.3 None
ERR5979515 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR6865597 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6662372 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR6865884 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6865699 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6865725 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6865950 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR6866582 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR6866241 Other lineage4.3.2 None
ERR6866349 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6866578 Other lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR6866251 Sensitive lineage4.3.2 None
ERR6866918 Other lineage4.1.2 None
ERR6866595 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR21732387 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732125 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732186 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732300 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732393 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR21732423 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732457 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732542 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732473 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732459 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732543 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21733206 Sensitive lineage1.1.3.1 None
ERR11466439 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR21732392 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732156 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732187 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR11662668 MDR-TB lineage1.1.1.1 None
SRR21732169 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732285 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732541 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732539 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732442 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR8665652 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21732544 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732678 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR8665551 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665634 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665672 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665757 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8975132 Sensitive lineage4. None
ERR8665848 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665764 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21733108 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR8665839 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9027227 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR9029916 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR9125018 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9119049 Sensitive lineage4.9 None
ERR9119219 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9119248 Other lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9121386 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9124995 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125074 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125037 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125041 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125069 RR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR9125078 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125076 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125086 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125121 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125105 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125142 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125119 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125134 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125189 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125143 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125209 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125192 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125194 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125243 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125238 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125231 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125272 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125279 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125271 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125260 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125299 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125295 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125288 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125318 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125319 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125310 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125311 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125321 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125329 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125322 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125355 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125374 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125369 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9125474 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR9285835 Sensitive lineage4. None
ERR9125855 Other lineage3 None
ERR9125707 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR987696 Sensitive lineage3.1.1 None
ERR9787122 Sensitive lineage6 None
ERR9286023 Sensitive lineage4.6.1.2 None
ERR9786696 Sensitive lineage4.6.2.2 None
SRR10303323 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1013557 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR1013558 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR10430374 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11050221 Sensitive lineage1.2.2.2 None
SRR10808364 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR1048856 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR1048857 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR10808418 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR10808600 Sensitive lineage4.9 None
SRR10808472 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR11349203 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR11033628 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR11444300 Sensitive lineage4.6.4 None
SRR1159361 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1159204 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1159369 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11567804 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR1159175 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1159877 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1162504 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1163415 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1162971 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1163303 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1163022 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1169063 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1166916 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1169001 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1172144 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1169113 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1172250 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1172345 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1180922 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1181158 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1181135 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1180958 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11050451 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR11972258 HR-TB lineage1.1.3 None
SRR11972340 Sensitive lineage1.1.3.1 None
SRR12006607 Sensitive lineage1. None
SRR11972428 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR12006524 Sensitive lineage1.2.1 None
SRR12199386 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR12142423 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232522 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR12199408 Sensitive lineage1 None
SRR12882631 Other lineage3.1.2.1 None
SRR13232463 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR12882416 Sensitive lineage3.1.2.1 None
SRR13232524 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232521 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232551 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232631 Other lineage4.1.2 None
SRR13232577 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232550 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232575 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232663 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232717 XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232668 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232719 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232660 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232776 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232728 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13423632 Other lineage2.2 None
SRR13232785 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14519851 Other lineage4.1.2 None
SRR14088376 MDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR13591345 Sensitive lineage4.3.4.1 None
SRR15723073 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14520060 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR15316343 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15368792 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.2 None
SRR15369056 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15723024 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR15315966 Sensitive lineage4.4.2 None
SRR15316593 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15368729 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15723011 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR15723263 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15723125 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR15723193 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR16058181 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR15901697 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR16058031 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058092 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058059 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058088 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058217 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058280 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058277 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058278 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058303 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058294 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058299 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058390 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058396 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058387 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058530 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058478 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058513 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058398 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058480 Other lineage3 None
SRR16058508 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR11050721 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR16058675 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR18213805 HR-TB lineage1.1.3 None
SRR17732463 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR18002958 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR17732473 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR17856659 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR18495626 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR19303799 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR11050782 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR18549003 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR20970017 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR19303965 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
SRR20969827 HR-TB lineage2.2.1.1 None
SRR19303957 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11050818 Sensitive lineage6 None
SRR20969910 Sensitive lineage2.1 None
SRR25207278 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25207123 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25340904 Sensitive lineage3.1.2 None
SRR25534425 Other lineage4.4.2 None
SRR25514979 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21277231 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR2101462 Other lineage4.9 None
ERR11050856 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR21277221 Sensitive lineage2.2.2;lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21277542 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21277407 HR-TB lineage4.5 None
SRR21277537 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21658636 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21277863 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.2 None
SRR21279466 Sensitive lineage4.5 None
SRR21595927 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21277546 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21576701 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR22048411 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
SRR21685346 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR22048379 Other lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11081199 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR11067869 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11068316 MDR-TB lineage4.5 None
SRR22048429 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR11067880 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11067993 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11080984 Sensitive lineage4.3.4.1 None
ERR11081407 Other lineage4.1.2 None
ERR11081266 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR11081542 Other La1.7.X-unk4 None
ERR11081471 Sensitive lineage4 None
ERR11081490 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR11082928 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR11082134 Other lineage4.2.1.1 None
ERR11082774 Sensitive lineage4.5 None
SRR24035895 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR23861916 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR21732495 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9806833 RR-TB lineage4. None
SRR23316616 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21732546 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21733152 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR21732436 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR10610072 RR-TB lineage4. None
SRR21732545 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR24256319 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR26399997 Other lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25514907 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR24799185 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR25207038 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR27450634 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25207243 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR22250145 Sensitive lineage1.1.3.1 None
SRR28119719 MDR-TB lineage2.2.2 None
SRR27450490 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
SRR25534518 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR6280309 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR2502810 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2199782 HR-TB lineage3 de
SRR6280301 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR11049650 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4815430 Other lineage4.8 None
ERR8686560 Sensitive lineage4.1.1.1 None
ERR4814668 Sensitive lineage4.1.2 None
ERR4813599 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2;lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4817468 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2229566 RR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR4816083 Sensitive None
ERR4816265 Other lineage4.7 None
ERR2229095 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR11049227 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 None
ERR2229589 HR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR2229298 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2229162 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR216989 Sensitive lineage4. None
ERR2229157 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR4816504 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2184228 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR3743201 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR2229650 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2229340 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SAMN02419604 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 by
ERR2229666 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SRR3743495 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2229384 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
SAMN02419641 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 by
ERR4816694 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR038741 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 ug
SRR5073793 HR-TB lineage1.1.1.1 vn
ERR2229429 HR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR2229693 HR-TB lineage4 None
SAMN02419643 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 by
ERR4816840 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR228155 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR2100863 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR4820243 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR11067194 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR2514060 Sensitive lineage4. None
ERR11049311 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR2514277 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR11049692 Sensitive lineage4.3.3 None
ERR4819546 HR-TB lineage3 None
SAMN02360558 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 kr
SRR2101043 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR5306022 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR2101004 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR2514977 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR6398075 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR2101082 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4819994 Sensitive lineage3 None
ERR3258009 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3257974 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3258004 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3257977 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3258008 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3257976 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3257978 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3258007 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3257975 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR3258005 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR551252 Other La1.4 de
ERR3258006 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
ERR550742 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 de
ERR3257979 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 fr
SRR6061409 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR6064834 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR6063519 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR6063489 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR6045473 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR6063488 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
ERR270761 Sensitive lineage3 None
SRR6063501 Sensitive lineage4.8 ca
SRR5535925 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR270727 HR-TB lineage3 None
ERR2652942 Sensitive lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR2653063 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR5535923 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR8003010 MDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4822062 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR4821354 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR2516392 MDR-TB lineage3 be
ERR4822244 Sensitive lineage4. None
ERR4827580 HR-TB lineage4.1.2 None
ERR4822509 Sensitive lineage4.5 de
ERR2179748 Sensitive lineage4.4.2 cn
ERR4831395 Sensitive lineage4.7 de
ERR4831385 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 de
ERR2815547 Other La1.4 None
ERR2843453 Sensitive lineage1.1.1.1 None
ERR2815560 Other La1.7.X-unk4 None
ERR4829225 Sensitive lineage4.8 None
ERR4829217 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR4810828 Sensitive lineage4.5 cn
ERR4829254 Sensitive lineage4.7 None
ERR4810974 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR4810875 Sensitive lineage4.5 cn
ERR4829259 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR6458397 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4810474 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR8651558 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.2 cn
ERR4810635 Sensitive lineage2.2.1.1 cn
SRR6650137 Sensitive lineage1.2.2.2 None
ERR11466114 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR4811578 Sensitive lineage4.5 cn
ERR4831275 MDR-TB lineage4.2.2.2 de
ERR4829515 Sensitive lineage4.7 it
ERR3077990 MDR-TB lineage1.2.2.1 None
ERR294202 Sensitive lineage3 None
DRR474110 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4800045 Sensitive lineage3 in
ERR4811729 Other lineage4.3.4.2 pe
ERR4814820 Sensitive lineage4.2.2.2 gb
ERR4812614 Sensitive lineage4.1.2.1 pe
DRR473749 Sensitive lineage2.2.1 None
SRR6896229 Other lineage4.9 None
SRR6832168 Sensitive lineage4.8 None