Rv2043c - p.Lys96Thr

Drug resistance types
0 Sensitive 0 RR-TB 2 HR-TB 98 MDR-TB 83 Pre-XDR-TB 1 XDR-TB 1 Other
lineage Counts
lineage Count
lineage4.4.1.1 27
lineage2.2.1 91
lineage4.2.1 21
lineage2.1 1
lineage3 10
lineage3.1.1 2
lineage3.1.2;lineage2.2.1 1
lineage3;lineage2.2.1 2
lineage4.3.2.1 8
lineage4.3.2 5
lineage2.2 1
lineage4.1.2.1 1
lineage4.5 1
lineage4.8 1
lineage4 1
lineage4.3.3 2
lineage1.1.1.1 1
lineage4.7 1
lineage4.1.3 4
lineage1.1.3.3 1
lineage4.3.2.1;lineage2.2.1 2
lineage4.2.1;lineage4.1.2.1 1
spoligotype Counts
spoligotype Count
None 185
Geographic prevalence
Country level data for this variant is available for 43 isolates.
Statisctical support
Not enough data to calculate support.
ID Drug resistance Lineage Country iso2
SRR18213771 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR18715285 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21276920 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR24827269 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR25534571 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR21677637 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR26400065 MDR-TB lineage2.1 None
ERR11082887 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11068556 HR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11080936 MDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR11081181 MDR-TB lineage3.1.1 None
SRR21887720 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR24709934 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR24710126 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR551494 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 tm
SRR24710168 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25827499 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR25827747 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2;lineage2.2.1 None
SRR25827790 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3;lineage2.2.1 None
SAMEA2534642 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR1559743 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR1559742 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5709869 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR8699201 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
SRR5709795 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
SRR7517716 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 ch
SRR5709891 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 th
ERR464719 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 ch
SRR5153711 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5153229 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5153307 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5153608 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5153819 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR5153834 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR7911095 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 md
SRR5266536 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ru
ERR2707028 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 cd
ERR2706956 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 cd
ERR2706976 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 cd
SRR23310968 MDR-TB lineage2.2 None
SAMN02360569 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 kr
ERR2706958 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 cd
SRR2100392 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR2653217 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
ERR4822440 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
ERR3335736 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.5 pk
ERR4822381 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 kg
ERR2516660 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 nl
ERR2516995 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
ERR2516364 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 be
ERR2517045 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 gb
ERR4798012 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR2516641 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 nl
SRR6458417 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4796503 XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4799117 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR4822400 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 ua
ERR4816369 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
SRR6458431 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4830609 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 tm
ERR4799474 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3;lineage2.2.1 in
ERR4800413 MDR-TB lineage3 in
SRR8651655 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
SRR8651570 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 cn
ERR4822338 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 de
ERR4831095 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4829120 MDR-TB lineage4.8 it
ERR4830844 MDR-TB lineage3.1.1 et
ERR4831594 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR4813306 MDR-TB lineage4 pe
SRR6964512 MDR-TB lineage3 None
SRR6785534 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4830700 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 dz
SRR6807685 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4815445 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 gb
ERR4815504 HR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 gb
SRR8374277 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2510424 MDR-TB lineage3 pk
SRR8217901 MDR-TB lineage1.1.1.1 None
SRR7592341 MDR-TB lineage4.7 None
SRR7592337 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR7592372 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR7592352 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR7645846 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR7592385 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR998840 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 None
SRR7645956 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR998838 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 None
SRR998839 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 None
SRR998837 MDR-TB lineage4.1.3 None
ERR11798613 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR8847012 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR10748097 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR10762236 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR10762247 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11043925 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
ERR10762488 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
ERR11044544 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11044136 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2513720 Other lineage3 gb
ERR11044640 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11044643 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR114421 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR3639777 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR11798749 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
ERR2513352 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 gb
ERR3794416 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR405205 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR405207 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR8665888 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2515759 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 za
ERR11798612 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4828817 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4831447 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None
ERR4831623 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665575 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665849 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4809162 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR8665592 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11049607 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR5865477 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR5865476 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR5866016 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR5865792 MDR-TB lineage4.3.3 None
ERR5865928 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR7910906 MDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR16087888 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR6362056 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
SRR24256105 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR5866017 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR5987349 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR8665621 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665622 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665717 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665716 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11662225 MDR-TB lineage1.1.3.3 None
ERR8665761 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR8665760 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9120051 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR9286003 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR9120052 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
ERR9285997 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR9285998 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR9286028 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR9286005 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
ERR9286063 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR10379974 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9992750 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR10303343 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1;lineage2.2.1 None
ERR9992834 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2 None
SRR1013579 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1013580 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR10379895 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1048963 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR10430396 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1;lineage2.2.1 None
SRR1048962 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR10525341 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR10525350 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR10525342 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1;lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR10525365 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR10525354 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR11972299 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11567811 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11567823 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11972300 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR11567822 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR11050471 MDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None
SRR12142319 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13180211 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR12142359 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR15315941 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13180320 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232508 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232636 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232686 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232766 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14782372 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14782536 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14801597 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14802140 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR13232594 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14801915 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR14802066 Pre-XDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
SRR16089533 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.2.1 None
SRR16157094 Pre-XDR-TB lineage4.4.1.1 None