Rv3794 - c.-43delG

Drug resistance types
0 Sensitive 0 RR-TB 0 HR-TB 18 MDR-TB 5 Pre-XDR-TB 0 XDR-TB 0 Other
lineage Counts
lineage Count
lineage4.3.4.1 1
lineage3.1.2 1
lineage4.1.2.1 1
lineage2.2.1 5
lineage3 4
lineage4.1 2
lineage4.3.2.1 2
lineage4.8 2
lineage1.1.1 1
lineage4.3.4.2 4
spoligotype Counts
spoligotype Count
None 23
Geographic prevalence
Country level data for this variant is available for 9 isolates.
Statisctical support
Not enough data to calculate support.
ID Drug resistance Lineage Country iso2
ERR775329 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.1 pe
SRR15014612 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3.1.2 None
ERR8025354 MDR-TB lineage4.1.2.1 None
SRR13180281 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR2510611 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR11081053 MDR-TB lineage4.1 None
ERR10610188 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
SRR15014714 MDR-TB lineage4.8 None
ERR9806843 MDR-TB lineage4.3.2.1 None
SRR8380948 MDR-TB lineage4.8 in
ERR3273175 Pre-XDR-TB lineage1.1.1 None
ERR2516230 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 be
ERR2653227 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 None
SRR6832661 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR1034630 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 None
ERR10680189 MDR-TB lineage4.1 None
ERR2516349 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 be
ERR2707021 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 cd
ERR4829379 MDR-TB lineage4.3.4.2 it
SRR6832599 MDR-TB lineage2.2.1 None
ERR4798224 MDR-TB lineage3 in
ERR3335803 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 pk
ERR4800096 Pre-XDR-TB lineage3 None